Private charges

New Patient Exam / Consultation £65.00
New Patient Exam Child 0-10 years £15.00
New Patient Exam Child 11-17 years £25.00
Regular 6 Months Exam Adult £50.00
Digital X-Rays
Routine X-Rays £15.00 each
OPG £50.00
CBCT From £150.00
Scale & Polish £60.00
Periodontal Treatment £100.00 per visit
Airflow £100.00
Amalgam (silver) Fillings From £70.00
Composite (white) Fillings From £80.00
Composite Bonding £250.00 per tooth
Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal Treatment (General Dentist) From £300.00
Root Canal Consultation (Expert Dentist) £50.00
Root Canal Treatment (Expert Dentist) From £450.00
Re-Root Canal Treatment (Expert Dentist) From £550.00
Routine Extraction £120.00
Surgical Extraction £180.00
Socket Preservation £350.00
Implant Treatment
Consultation From £50.00
Implants From £2,500.00
Bone Graft From £285.00
flexi Denture From £700.00
Chrome Denture £950.00
Addition to Existing Acrylic Denture £70.00
Addition to Existing Flexi Denture £160.00
Classic Dentures
Partial Acrylic Denture £550.00 per arch
Full Acrylic Denture £650.00 per arch
Premium Dentures
Partial Acrylic £900.00 per arch
Full Acrylic £950.00 per arch
Crown £450 per tooth
Veneer £500 per tooth
Bridge £650 per tooth
Re-Cementing of Porcelain From £40.00
Invisalign From £1,500.00
Fixed Ceramic Brackets From £2,500.00
Retainers (Fixed and Removable) £125.00 per arch
Tooth Whitening
Full Course £299.00
Top-Up Gel £25.00 per syringe
Mouthguard £150.00

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