Get a new Smile With Composite Bonding & Smile Makeover

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Prices starts from £200.

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Prices starts from £200.


Get a new Smile With Composite Bonding & Smile Makeover

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Get your Perfect Smile In a Day!

A pain free, drill free procedure

Composite bonding, tooth bonding or dental bonding is the perfect treatment to repair minor damage, uneveness or gaps in your teeth.

Change the colour of your teeth

We will change the colour of your teeth to a brighter shade

No Gappy Teeth

We will use cosmetic bonding to fill in the gaps between your teeth

No more chips and crack in your teeth

We will remove any chips and cracks in your teeth

Easy payment options available

A Smile Makeover is when one or more cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as dental veneers, composite bonding, tooth implants, and teeth whitening, are used to improve the look of the smile. Your face look, skin tone, hair colour, teeth (colour, breadth, length, form, and tooth display), gum tissue, and lips are some of the factors considered. Smile makeovers are done for a variety of reasons and are tailored to your specific needs.

Heres a list of benefits of having a smile makeover treatment by our dentist in Scunthorpe:

  • Your body is more relaxed when you smile contributing positively to good health and a stronger immune system.
  • Your body immediately releases endorphins when you smile, even when you force it. This sudden change in mood will help you feel better and release stress.
  • Smiling makes a person seem more attractive, sociable and confident.
  • Scientists have discovered that your body works harder and uses more muscles when frowning than when smiling.
  • While hand-shakes, hugs and bows all have varying meanings across cultures, smiling is known around the world as a sign of happiness and acceptance.

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Benefits Of Smile Makeover



AT Bottesford Dental

Bottesford Dental is equipped with modern technology providing wireless digital x-rays (for safer, low dose radiation), digital photographs, intra-oral cameras & plasma TVs. Surgeries and waiting areas have been designed with air-conditioning throughout.

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This varies from patient to patient and depends on which treatments you choose to undergo. If you have chosen one or two treatment types, your makeover may only take one or two visits, though some procedures such as dental implants take a little longer, as the implant needs time to fuse with your jawbone.

We offer:

  • Cosmetic Bonding
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Short Term Braces
  • Mini Impants or Dental Implants

Each treatment has its own benefits and so does a smile makeover as a whole. As it is tailored to you, each treatment will revolve the structure of your teeth, for example if you’ve chosen to have your teeth whitened, the trays will be made for your teeth only.

– improve your self confidence and wellbeing.

– improve your oral health and your overall health.

– revive your desire to smile again.

If your teeth are well looked after and maintained, the procedure can last many years.

This depends on the treatments that you select. More complex treatment that require several visits will cost more than straightforward walk-in walk out on the same day procedures. However our prices are affordable and we offer easy payment options.

Happy Clients

Great location for a dentist. Have dealt with Uns and Hannah a number of times now with both being very friendly and accommodating, offering in depth dental care with planned treatment being organised quickly. Appointments have been offered to suit my schedule and reception always friendly and happy to help. Would definitely recommend.

Faisal Tariq

Had my first appointment today and was made to feel very comfortable upon being seen to. The care and attention I was given was second to none. The dentist took due care and attention and talked to me through the whole process. The aftercare was explained to me as well. Would recommend this practice to anyone looking for a dentist.

Raj Duhra

Great experience throughout, start to finish. Dentists can be a daunting place to visit at the best of times but the staff here made my visit enjoyable and put me at ease. It was great to see smiling faces as soon as I walked in. I was treated by a great dentist too who was happy to talk me through my procedure, polite and welcoming. No longer will I be worrying before my future visits.

Carl Green

Did my Invisalign treatment here and what a result! 😁Amazing team, everyone really kind and always willing to help! A special thanks to the dentist Unz that was there each step of the way, helped me reach the desired results and was always available to answer any questions even out of his working hours! Will definitely use their services in the future. A huge thank you with a big smile on my face 😁🙏

Daniel Gomes

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